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Product Offerings

Real-Time Text Transcription
When you need the text of your event fast, this product is for you. Carolinas Captioning will dial into your conference call, webcast, or other media, and produce a Real-Time Transcript. This transcript is delivered within an estimated time frame of one hour of proofreading for every one hour of recording. So a two-hour call will be delivered in two hours after its completion. If you choose to waive the proofreading time, you can have a transcript immediately following your event.  
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Real-Time Closed Captioning
Real-Time Closed Captioning is for a live broadcast or a tape that is meant to air live. You can have your choice of line positioning. The captioner, a specially-trained court reporter, will dial into your encoder ten (10) minutes before air. At this point, we will run a test. The captioner then uses a stenographic machine to translate what he/she hears to your video. Each captioner strives for 99% and above accuracy.  
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Off-line, Roll-Up Captions (English or Spanish)
Roll-up captions are for your pre-produced video. We create an accurate file, and then record the captions off-line to your requested tape format. The captions will roll up in either a two (2) or three (3) line fashion.
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Real-Time Text Streaming
This is captioning to your webcast, be it Internet or Intranet, while keeping your data secure. RealPlayer will display television-style captions by selecting disability preferences.
  - Corporate Training
- Chat Outlets
- Remote CART for Classroom
- Seminars
- Investor Presentations
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Basic Transcription Services
Carolinas Captioning also offers basic transcription services. We offer competitive prices for different delivery deadlines.
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