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Family Pics
Family Genealogy

Halloween 2006
Halloween 2005
Halloween 2003
Halloween 2002
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Sept 2006

New Elias Headshot
Julianna's B-Day Party
Wife and Kids
Enjoying Charleston, SC
Tessa riding Hollywood
Kribbit, a Fire Bellied Toad
Tacky (Day) Keegan
Tacky (Day) Tessa
Keegan's first ride (with Billy)
Elias's first ride (also Billy)
NYC-Sept 2006 August 2006 Oak Island, NC
American Girl Store, NYC
Eating together
Watching RC Sailboats in Central Park
Tessa & Hollywood
Hollywood grazing
Hollywood's first day home
Ready to begin the Triathlon
-Third out of the water
The Kids
Skimboarding at Oak Island
You mean we can eat these shrimp?
Papa casting for shrimp
The shrimpin' man
Keegan casting
Daddy casting
Daddy casting again
Daddy fishing at Oak Island
July 2006 June 2006 May 2006
Cathcing major air
Myrtle Beach, SC
Keegan & Brandon at Pawley's Island
Winner for "Do Re Mi"
Horse Camp Week 2
Summer Swim Team Friends
Tessa recording "School Tools"
"School Tools" 2
Oz Dress Rehearsal
Goofing "Oz"
Horse Camp 1
Horse Camp 2
Tessa with Lady
In a canoe
After a punishing ride
Elias tubing
Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens 1
Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens 2
April Showers Bring...
Fish Stories
March Fun and a Game Jordan's Party
Father & Daughter Landing a "Cat"
Suzanne with a 9lb Blue Cat
Eric with a 20+lb Blue Cat
Keegan having a family party
A very long game of Risk ending with Daddy (blue) surrounded by Keegan (black) and Mommy (the rest)
Keegan didn't get enough of the board game....
Jordan really working up a sweat!
Elias loving the slides
That boy is hard on socks!
A Barrel of...
4th Annual Mountain Island Elementary PTA Silent Auction Horseback Riding Olivia's Birthday
Auction Table
View of "Timer" Screen
A new bidder registering
Setting up for checkout
First lesson? Not bad
Tessa's Turn
Elias taking a shot
Kristen watching her ball
What form!
Is it love?
Christmas Season 2005 Pirate Party Winter Sports 2005
Taking the new wheels for a spin
Buried Treasure
Pirate Cake
Basketball Team
Basketball Action
Keegan and Eric Skiing
Tessa, Ashley, Keegan
Megan, Larry, Suzanne Skating
Papa, Suzanne, Ashley Skating
Beach Trip, Summer 2005 Pirate Bed for Elias July 4, 2005
Tessa in the surf
Keegan wtih long hair
Elias and a pier
Boogie Board
The Trio
Elias standing on the nearly finished bed
Bed with mural 1
Bed with mural 2
Rough start for Elias
Fun on the Boat
Serious Elias
Keegan Taking a Fall
Fireworks 1 (photo by Keegan)
Fireworks 2 (photo by Keegan)
Fireworks 3 (photo by Keegan)